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the key to great communication

ColourSpectrums™ is a profiling system that identifies our natural preferences and behaviours associated with the four dimensions of personality development and functioning. The colours of blue, green, red and yellow make up our colour spectrum. Each colour has profound implications.


Blue emotions expresses social connection, rapport and empathy

Green thoughts expresses logic, innovation and reason

Red physical activity expresses excitement, action and variety

Yellow organisation expresses responsibility planning, and loyalty

To be effective in our work and in life, we need to function in all four.

  • How each of these colours are important to us and why?

  • How the fight or flight response affects our colour spectrum?


  • How the top down order of our colour spectrum impacts our behaviours and interactions?

  • Which of our colours experience the most stress?

  • Where is our best balance?


ColourSpectrums™ can be used with teams or across organisations or in individual or group coaching. It explores the implications, strengths, challenges and solutions for personal growth, professional development and effective communication by becoming more aware of:

ColourSpectrums™  is highly effective in team building, communication and collaboration, conflict resolution, resilience building, change management, coaching, stakeholder engagement, leadership and many more applications.

It works because it is based on individual styles, it’s simple to use, easy to remember and creates a shared language with lasting impact.

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