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Karyn Schluter-White  is a business consultant who provides the highest calibre of facilitation and sound and practical advice in relation to human and organisational performance and development.

She loves to facilitate, to share this passion with others and to build facilitative expertise and capacity within organisations, businesses, teams and individuals.

For over 25 years Karyn Schluter-White & Associates has been facilitating organisations, teams and individuals to realise and achieve their fullest potential and to be the best they can be.

Karyn works both independently and with colleagues and close collaborators.

The focus of her work includes:

  • capacity building focusing on executive team development, team building, team communication, conversations and facilitative leadership development

  • facilitation of large group forums, strategic and business planning and relationship mediation

At the heart of this organisation’s success are three core offerings:

  •  The Art of Being Facilitative Program —co-designed with colleague, Julia Zimmerman

  • The Leadership Circle (TLC)

  • ColourSpectrums TM

(Karyn Schluter-White is the exclusive distributor/representative of ColourSpectrums TM  in Australia. ColourSpectrums TM  is a registered trademark used with permission.)

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