We will create a ColourSpectrums™ workshop experience that will exceed your expectations.


Introductory Workshop Participants will interact in a dynamic process of self-reflection, group discussions and activities that provide insights and humour while naturally enhancing self-esteem, team-esteem and communication.

Each participant will receive a set of 4 ColourSpectrums™ attribute cards. Participants will:

  • Understand the metaphor of ColourSpectrums™

  • Discover their own colour spectrum, a particular blend of colours that is unique to each individual

  • Increase their own self-awareness and use this awareness to understand more fully the unique sources of esteem of others

  • Appreciate and celebrate diverse personality attributes



Participants will:

  • Receive and use a set of Brightening Cards

  • Learn about the common phrases, voice tone, pace and body language of each colour

  • Learn about the facial expressions, physical appearance and interaction styles of each colour

  • Be coached to practice using their palest colours to better match other colours and intensities, resulting in increases in their communication effectiveness

  • Set goals to continue brightening their palest colours



Participants will:

  • Receive and use a set of Stress Management and Conflict Resolution Cards

  • Identify and understand Bright colour esteem needs, stressors and shadow characteristics

  • Identify and understand Pale colour challenges, stressors and shadow characteristics

  • Explore and understand fight and flight dynamics

  • Develop strategies for stress management and conflict resolution


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